Doggy Do’s …Doggy Don’ts


Your dog is very much part of your family, therefore very much part of your holiday.

We would like your dog to feel as at home in the cottage as you do, implying different rules to that you have at home is, in our opinion, not only confusing to your dog but also stressful for you.

Doggy Do’s …..

Is my dog allowed upstairs?

Absolutely, if your dog is allowed upstairs in your own home, then he/she is also allowed upstairs in our cottage. The Cottage is thoroughly cleaned after every guest leaves.

My dog sleeps with me at home ……

No problem, they are welcome to sleep on the bed here too. Please put down one of the provided throws first though.

My dog likes to sit on my lap / have a cuddle whilst we watch TV …..

He/she is welcome to here as well. Please put one of the provided throws on the Sofa first, Throws are washed at the end of each stay. Getting the Sofas cleaned would be expensive and would be chargeable.

Doggy Don’ts ……

    • Please make sure your Dog Flea Treatment is up to date. Fumigation of the Cottage will be chargeable if any visitors are left behind.
    • Please be responsible and make sure you clean up after your Dog in the Garden (and on walks).  Pooh bags can be disposed of in the Black Bin in the front Garden and can be purchased from Abbotts Hardware.
    • Do not, under any circumstances, leave your dog in the cottage / garden unattended. This is a new environment for him / her and they will be feeling unsure of themselves, even more so if they cannot see you. A stressed Dog is a destructive dog.
    • Do not allow your Dog to eat / drink out off any plate / bowl meant for human use. Please find two Stainless Steel Dog Bowls under the Kitchen sink for your little friends use.
    • Please do not use any Towel on your Dog that is meant for Human use only. Black towels have been provided for your little four-legged friend





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